Word from Founder and CEO

At FranPert our main goal is to care for all our stakeholders. Accordingly, we strive to plant a sense of belonging in our stakeholders. Franpert creates a passionate business environment where everyone is esteemed, well-minded, taken care of, and content. Our firm culture is distanced from any temporary or instant relationships and is deeply committed to establishing strong relationships over the years with all of its stakeholders. 

At FranPert our first and second priority are our clients. We believe that Franpert is capable of offering the finest combination of in-depth sector knowledge, a demonstrated capability to accurately understand the client’s central business and human capital needs, as well as punctuality and dexterity in offering top-notch and fruitful solutions.

Our team selection process is inspired by the belief that A people hire A+ people. We strongly value and understand how each and every individual is different; this diversity contributes in building up our wide-ranging and unique identity. Knowledge exchange and delivery are essential to our success.

Ibrahim Mousa

On behalf of FranPert and our team, we look forward to working with you and addressing your firm’s requirements and to aiding your team to pursue their goals.

About CEO

Mr. Ibrahim Mousa, CEO of FranPert at the launching of a new brand.

He founded General International Schools in Riyadh Saudi Arabia in 2009.
He was the Saudi Royal Guard Academic Consultant.
He directed the SmartPro Program in PSU, Prince Sultan University.

Ibrahim Mousa, CEO and founder of FranPert, graduated Helwan University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration in 1988.

With great passion and eagerness, he began his journey, leading to more than 20 years of experience in various fields, including business development, organizational management, marketing enhancement, and international educational institutes development.

Creating some businesses from scratch is one of the many achievements of Ibrahim’s.  

He is renowned for confidence, discipline, and determination which indeed qualified him to be a professional entrepreneurial leader.

A first episode to a series of achievements was QHIS, Qimam Al-Hayat International School which started 15 years ago when international education was not as common as it is today.

Coming from a history of self-study and development along with great passion for education, Ibrahim participated in or singlehandedly created the following businesses.

He established the following companies in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

He worked as BDM and Franchise Manager in Saudi Rakeen Company, www.saudirakeen.com

25 years Experience

FranPert Calibers have been giving best consultation to top MEA’s companies since 1995

Excellence Record

We look forward to working with you, addressing your firm’s requirements, and aiding our team to pursue their goals.