About us

“Successful Consultants do not only guide you, but they always do it with you”

The Business Expert !

We aid our clients to attain lifelong success in franchising. Our operation is motivated by a firm understanding of our clients’ corporate situation, industry analysis, and market atmosphere.

To be one of the leading companies in MEA in its field and achieve satisfaction to all its stakeholders.

To passionately provide high-end products and services of top-notch quality through adherence to international quality standards and the use of advanced industrial and service technologies that take into account the well-being of the environment, team spirit, the optimally efficient investment of available resources, and the satisfaction of our customers, shareholders, and employees.

  • - Confidentiality.
  • - Creativity and Innovation.
  • - Respect and Teamwork.
  • - Social Responsibility.
  • - Quality.

Manage Franchise Rights

Developing local & International brands

Setting Operational Goals

Economic Feasibility Studies

Our Team

We are dedicated to offering our most important asset, through providing a boundless place to work and prospects to advance personally and professionally.

Our Culture

We value confidentiality and provide a workplace that motivates development, accomplishment, performance and creativity, and inventiveness.

Our Values

Our core values of confidentiality, innovation, respect, teamwork, social responsibility, and quality symbolize who we are as a firm, direct our choices, and motivate us.

Our Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is chief towards how our firm operates, for we distinguish both the chance and the accountability for our firm to address the current global issues.

25 years Experience

FranPert Calibers have been giving best consultation to top MEA’s companies since 1995

Excellence Record

We look forward to working with you, addressing your firm’s requirements, and aiding our team to pursue their goals.